Hey readers, I know you are reading this article because you have this topic (What food can I feed my dog to gain weight) in your mind. Don’t worry in this article you will get all information is detail. We always came across multiple obesity cases in dogs. But, what about the leaner one’s. Most of the people know how to deal with the extra pounds gained by their pet, now here is answer for “What food can I feed my dog to gain weight?”’

Your dog is your another family member, however keeping their health in the eye is most important. With the growing ages, once your dog start getting old, similar to human being they also face multiple medical issues whether its suffering from weight loss or the joint problems.
Let’s have a look on What food can I feed my dog to gain weight with some natural and healthy weight gaining tips for skinny dogs.

What food can I feed my dog to gain weight

Change in feeding schedule

However, dog’s metabolism processes the consumed food differently, but the concept can be quite similar. For an instance, people who eat just before few hours of going to bed are more prone to gain weight. Though doctors always recommend not to practice, as our body will store the nutrients as fat. But if we follow such practice vice-versa with your skinny dog, it can really help to see some significant change.

You can also change the balance of food consumed during the day. Usually, dogs eat twice a day. So, if you make small amendment in it and distribute the same quantity of the food in such a composition that your dog eats less in the first go and eats more in the second meal just going before to the bed. This practice will make ensure that your dog starts storing some extra fat during the sleep, instead of burning it.

You can even change the feeding pattern, instead of giving two big meals. You can split them out into multiple meals with a smaller portion of food given frequently. By this way your dog can gain extra weight.
Caution: Always keep an eye on your dog’s activity, never allow them any physical activity before 30 minutes after taking the meal in order to avoid bloat.

Fat foods or Higher Protein intake

If you ever have taken care of a puppy, you might be knowing the importance of higher protein intake. These nutrients are essential to maintain the growth and development of your dogs. Hence, it can incur some extra bucks, but it will be going to be worth.
Similar way you can feed your dogs with higher protein and some fatty foods to fulfill their body needs. Gradually your dog will start gaining with the extra added nutrients. In some cases, results can be seen just within a week.

But before changing the diet, always keep in mind, that it can make your dog stomach upset. Try adding the food in a composition where you start with 10% of new food and 90% of the same old food, further you can increase the quantity of new food and decrease the quantity of old food until the new food take over the existing diet.

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin

Yes, you heard right pumpkin, sweet potato and pumpkin both are outstanding gaining secrets. So, if you don’t want to add more meat in your dog’s diet, you can opt for them. This addition of sweet potato and pumpkin will give a boost in fiber and fat content majorly and will surely put on some pounds to your pet. Also, this addition will not be going to be a reason for upset stomach. I can suggest my reader to go for canned pumpkins more.

Food for dog to gain weight

Some fatty Peanut Butter and Extra food treats

Not always extra treats are bad and especially when you are dealing with a lean dog. Additionally, if you add peanut butter in it. So, it will be like a cherry on cake. Now if you ask, “What food can I feed my dog to gain weight?”. Here is the simple answer add peanut butter in it with some healthy sides could be a piece of vegetable or any suitable fruit. And results can be identified in a very short span.
Note: Before giving any fruit with peanut butter always advice your veterinarian, as it can be acidic for your dog and can cause stomach issues.

Focussed Excercise

Why specially “focused exercise”, usually doing workout is related directly with weight loss. However, if the exercise is done in a focused and proper manner, it can really help to gain a lot of pounds and even makes your dog more fit. Your dog is considered to be fit when his major portion of weight is in his muscles.

So if your dog receives daily focused exercise paired with high protein, fibre and fat diet. It will take no time to fill him out with some good pounds.
If you are still experiencing difficulties to keep weight maintained on your dog, please seek professional help from your veterinarian or canine nutritionalist in order to avoid any underlying medical problem.


I hope as a reader, you are clear with your question, “What food can I feed my dog to gain weight?”. I had tried to cover all the home remedies that can help you to resolve this deficiency. There are 100s of home remedies are available online, but I shortlisted few by testing at a certain level and proper research. If you found any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice connect us anytime via comment section or mail. We always welcome your response.


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