VAISAKHI is the Indian festival observed by Hindus and Sikhs. It is also known as Baisakhi and usually celebrated on April 13 or 14 every year. Vaisakhi 2021 will be celebrated on 13th of April. On the occasion of Vaisakhi all Mandirs and Gurdwaras are decorated. A ritual dip in Ganga river or other holy water bodies is often performed. Largest Vaisakhi fair is held at Haridwar, which is an Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed that the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, GURU GOBIND SINGH , established the famous Khalsa Panth on this day. The symbols of the festival include the Kirpan, which is sword; the Kesh, which is uncut hair; the Kara, which is steel ring; the Kangha, which is the comb; and the Katchera. The Granth Sahib shall be taken out parades by Sikhs during the afternoon hours.

Vaisakhi 2021
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People dance, sing and wear new clothes to celebrate this festival. Men perform the Bangra (dance form) whereas women perform the Gidda (dance form) to celebrate this event. To submit the prayers all sikhs visits the nearest gurudwara in morning. All schools, colleges remain closed on this day. Vaisakhi is very precious festival for all Sikhs. They celebrate this day as New Year as per the NANAKSHAHI CALENDER. This festival is not only celebrated in Delhi, Punjab areas of India but also celebrated in different countries like UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia etc.

Vaisakhi 2021 In USA

Vaisakhi is celebrated by Hindu community and Indians in United States of America. All Hindus gather in traditional dresses to observe Hindu Solar New Year. In Manhattan, New York City people do “Seva” (selfless service) such as giving free food, and completing any other labor that needs to be done. In Los Angeles, California, the local Sikh community consisting of many gurudwaras holds a full day Kirtan (spiritual music) program followed by a parade.

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