Social Media is not real Life
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Hey readers, hope you all are doing well and safe from this deadly virus. Today, we are here to discuss about a very significant topic to be discussed i.e., “Social Media is not real Life”. Since we all are/were quarantined somewhere in the world and trying to fight with this Covid virus, and while sitting and staying idle at home we all are attracted to multiple different kind of habits and the most common habit among them is the phone addiction – an addiction to the different social media platforms. And somehow we all developed a feeling of watching people with heavy bank balance, a lavish life, etc. But deep inside we all know that social media is not real life.

While I was surfing through, I found a very relevant story which mentioned a 18 years old girl named Essena O’Neil, you might be knowing her. She was a social media icon specifically on Instagram with more than 0.6 Million followers, and one day she quitted. She took a strong decision to quit from all her social media most perfect fake life. She deleted more than 2000 posts of her and her decision was shared all over the other social media platforms. Before deactivating her Instagram account, just because of her decision she gained more popularity and reached a peak follower of more than 1 million.

She also quitted from other social media handles including snapchat, tumblr, etc. She announced her decision by renaming her account as “Social Media is not Real Life”, and this tag make her even more recognized not only over the social media.

Social media is not harmful if it is used under some self-restricted conditions and for a limited time. It is hub for various kinds of information related to almost everything possible. It becomes harmful only when any user start making self-perceptions.

Effect of social media on youth self-perception

Undoubtedly social media will negatively have an effect on a person’s self-perception and psychological state. this is often caused by scrutiny ourselves to unreasonable pictures on social media of what we tend to believe we should always seem like. this may then cause discontent with our look and self-perception.

Comparing yourself to others on social media could became associate unintentional habit you have got picked up. However, it might be negatively moving your psychological state.

Should avoid comparing yourself on social media

•           What you see on social media isn’t reality. pictures may be emended and staged, thus don’t compare yourself to one thing that isn’t real.

•           You ne’er understand what’s happening in their life. The one that you’re thinking that is pleased with their body image and look might not be actually.

•           It can solely stall your progress. Don’t waste your energy, that specialize in alternative people’s lives.

Healthy relationship with social media

Take a glance at some ways in which lead you to a healthy relationship with social media while not having to match yourself to surreal ideas of perfection:

•           Avoid staring at pictures you recognize trigger your thoughts of comparison by unfollowing accounts on social platforms that you just usually compare yourself to.

•           Try to pay less time on social media. If you discover this tough, take away the apps from your phone, in order that they aren’t as simple to log in to.

•           Try to grasp why you’re creating comparisons as a result of wanting like they are doing won’t cause you to happy.

•           Most significantly, keep targeted on you!

So for a conclusion, I would say that we all are self-sufficient and if you want to compare, so compare yourself with what you have yesterday and what is the difference you made it for today. I hope you liked our content, and mentioning again that “social media is not real life”. However, it was just a tag which was shared by Essen O’Neil “Social media is not real life”, but it could be a life turning point for you.

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