Paan Indian food is very famous in Northern part of India. It is basically used as mouth freshener and sweetener. It is also famous in other parts of Southern Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines. The leaves which is used in Paan is full of vitamins and also rich in calcium. The leaves used in paan is known as betel leaves. Some benefits of betel leaves are:

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps in treating Diabetes
  • Helps to cure Headache
  • Helps in healing wounds
Paan indian food
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 Paan is made from betel leaves and it is eaten with various fillings put on top. There are various types of paan like Chocolate Paan, Fire Paan, Meetha(sweet) Paan. It is also knows as vettrilai or thambulum. It served chilled and many people consume it after food. Some people eat it occasionally but some people eat it regularly. Most of the people swallow it but few spit it out. The person who makes paan is known as Paanwala. They are also known as panwaris or panwadis in other parts of India. Fillings that are used in Paan can range from candied fruit, raisins, to mukhwas, cardamom, saffron, roasted coconut, Areca nut, slaked lime paste.

Side effects of Paan Indian Food

Paan is commonly mixed with areca nut and according to WHO and IARC, chewing areca nut causes cancer. Areca-nut paan with and without tobacco causes oral cancer risks to rise.


Paan is commonly a sign of hospitality in many Indian homes. Enjoying different types of paan is a common practice for many people who live in India, as well as those who visit the country. If you found any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice connect us anytime via comment section or mail. We always welcome your response.


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