Hey readers, how are you doing today.  We are back today with one of the most searched social media topics or you can term it as Instagram hacks, “Instagram story Reposter App.” Definitely, the simplest thanks to repost a story is to require a screenshot and share that on your story! however, once taking a screenshot, you’ve got to crop/edit it before commercial enterprise and at the tip of the day, you may lose all the clickable parts together with Hashtags, mentions, URLs, etc. here the time comes to search for Instagram story Reposter App /s. 

So that’s why you’ll would like associate degree app to assist you repost associate degree Instagram story within the original vogue. Here, we have a tendency to square measure planning to list the most effective repost Instagram story apps and discuss their features! Then you’ll opt for that one to begin victimization. Keep tuned!

Top 5 most used Instagram story Reposter App:

1)   AiSchedul

Instagram story Reposter App
Image source: AiSchedul.com

Undoubtedly, the most effective repost Instagram story app is AiSchedul. AiSchedul is associate degree all-in-one content manager for Instagram. It comes with knowledgeable post/story computer hardware and additionally a reposter tool with such a lot of superb features! With AiSchedul you can:

• Create associate degree all-in-one bio link to incorporate multiple links, social icons, and URLs connected to your posts and stories

• Auto-run Instagram giveaway contests

• Gather email leads from inside your bio

• Post on Feed and Stories at a similar time

• Manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time

And much quite this! But, here, we would like to review it as associate degree Instagram story repost app, however you’ll produce a free account and take a look at the tools.

Fortunately, AiSchedule doesn’t need any downloads, and you’ll repost stories on your phone, desktop and the other devices. Moreover, as a story reposter, it lets you:

• View stories anonymously

• Upload photos and videos from desktop

• Repost any post or story from around Instagram

• Schedule posts and stories yet as reposts

• Save and transfer any photos and videos from Instagram

• Repost mentioned posts

How to repost a story with AiSchedul

Follow these steps:

Step 1) visit the AiSchedul website, check in victimization your email address, set a

password and click on “Register Now”. Yes! It’s free!

Step 2) Then, on the dashboard, click on “Add Instagram Account” and login to your IG! Note that you just will add as several accounts as you want!

Step 3) currently, click on the “Manage Account” button.

Step 4) Then, click on “Repost”, and hit the “Story” option!

Step 5) Finally, you only got to enter the username you would like to repost story from and click on “repost”.

Done! You’ve got with success reposted the content to your Instagram story. As you see, it’s very easy and in contrast to the opposite apps, helps you to share the stories directly from the app.

2)   StoriyInsta

Another best repost Instagram story app is StoryInsta! To be honest, this one isn’t a story reposter as a result of it doesn’t provide you with the power to repost the meant stories directly victimization the app. But, it helps you to transfer the stories, even the highlights so, you’ll transfer them on your own human gamma globulin account.

Using StoryInsta, you can:

• Download and save stories

• View stories anonymously

• View posts and IGTV videos

And additionally read the subsequent and followers of the account you’ve got searched! Furthermore, victimization it’s very easy! You only got to hunt for the username so all the items you sought for can seem, and you’ll transfer contents!

3)   Story Saver for Instagram — Story Downloader

Actually, one in all the most effective Instagram story reposters is Story Saver for Instagram — Story Downloader! This app is associate degree golem app that helps you to simply read posts, stories, and additionally IGTV videos anonymously by downloading them. Additionally, it’s very easy to use! You only got to transfer and install the app, open it, enter the user’s login, and faucet the “Story” button! Furthermore, you’ll share posts, stories, and additionally videos along with your friends! Therefore, provides it a try!

4)   Story Saver App

The Story Saver App is another best repost Instagram story app! Really, despite the previous ones, this one could be a mobile app, and it’s solely developed for golem in operating systems! Therefore, if you’re not victimization golem, sorry, this cannot help!

The consecution of action here is that the same. Enter a username, and opt for the story you would like to save lots of, repost, or share on alternative social media networks! To boot, it helps you to manage multiple accounts and additionally, you’ll pint the users you’re thinking that most wish to repost content from to access easier!

5)   Story Saver for Instagram

The other best repost Instagram story app, that is additionally associate degree golem app, is Story Saver for Instagram. Actually, this one is admittedly kind of like the previous app. however, victimization this one, you’ll additionally read posts anonymously! Victimization it, you’ll repost stories on Instagram, share them along with your friends via common social media and save them into your gallery!


To add it up, we’ve introduced the top 5 Instagram story Reposter App. Victimization all of them, you’ll save the stories on your phone and additionally read stories anonymously! However, if you would like a full package of options for Instagram story Reposter App, you’d higher attempt AiSchedul. So, provides a look and check out it for free!

Being a reader please share your review/ suggestion/ feedback/ or anything you want to convey to us via comment section or mail. We always encourage our readers to connect with us. Thanks for your association.

Happy reading!!!


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