Hello readers I know you are reading this article because you want to know How to use Teleport on tiktok. Teleport is the new feature of tiktok and everyone want to use it. What teleport filter do, so basically the teleport filter does what it sounds like it will teleport you to another place by putting a different background behind you and you get to choose that background. The filter has been used in various types of videos like someone showing that he/she is with a celebrity or someone showing his future destinations. So, lets learn How to use teleport on tiktok

How to use teleport on tiktok

Step 1. First go to the Tiktok app and then go to the bottom and click to start making a video.

Step 2. Now go to the effects tab on the bottom left and then scroll down and you will able to see the teleport filter icon (yellow with the sparkles).

Step 3. Now click on the icon and now you will see row of photos from your camera roll show up. The photo you choose is the background that will appear when you teleport.

Step 4. You can teleport back and forth between the current actual background and the photo you choose just by holding up your hand. Just make sure that you are recording while teleporting.

Keep in mind to resize the photo you are using in background so that it fits with the screen on tiktok. You can use any editor but always choose 9:16 size as output size because it will ensure that it fits the whole tiktok screen.

This feature of Teleporting is trending a lot on social media platforms. Now you also know How to use teleport on tiktok, so what are waiting for just start making videos using this feature and get viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

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