Hey readers, we are back today with one of a very different topic, “How to use robotwity?” So, here we are to answer your question. Robotwity is nothing just an extension which can be linked to your desktop directly and you can start enjoying the benefits.
Basically we do use robotwity to increase the follower counts, there are many other benefits as well using that extension. We will be back on the same in depth soon to provide you well versed information for you.

How to use Robotwity

how to use robotwity

Now let’s go ahead with the procedure to use it. Firstly, you need to open mobile.twitter.com in your desktop or laptop and then install that extension to your browser. Once done with the same just open the extension and you will find a self-explanatory page.

After going through with the interface of the page, now you just need to collect a user pool to build the number of follows. So, now its time to go to twitter.com on your desktop. Now, you can see a dialogue box probably on the top right hand side. Now it’s time to gather the pool. Find out few good accounts with a great number of followers. You need to focus the accounts with high number of followers.

For example, if you are checking out on accounts having less number of followers, lets say, Adem is a person having 4 followers.

If you selecting the user in your pool then he will receive scripts. And if the scripts are unable to receive any new follower from him then it will become useless and ultimately the scripts will not be able to work on their actual potential. It is always suggested to check on the accounts having nearly 1 million followers and add as many followers as you can to increase your pool size.

Also, you can check the pool size on the extension page. And on increasing the accounts selected your pool size will proportionately increases.
You can fetch the accounts through various options such as location, language, etc. Also, for daily stats there is an option where you can click on follow count. This option will help you to check graph of the increasing followers.

I hope that I had shared all the details with you on how to use robotwity. Whether you are using it for official purpose or unofficial you can use robotwity to increase your followers and who is the person who don’t want to see good number of followers on their account. This answer on how to use robotwity can give you a good fame with a nice number of followers.

Further this for any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice you can connect us anytime via comment section or mail, we always welcome our readers to connect with us.


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