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how to track an Instagram account location

In today’s modern socio-connected world we always meet multiple people on social media platforms (especially Instagram as per the current scenario). We always have a curiosity to know from where the person is connected with you. Also, knowing the location of the person to whom you are talking with builds the relation on a pillar of trust somehow.

Just because there 1000s of hackers and spammers are in the market so there is always a fear of getting trapped over such platforms. However, if you can track the location and verify what they are committing with you matches will help you a lot to build your path ahead.

Now How to track an Instagram account location:

Instagram offers a quite useful built-in feature which can be used as a medium to know the location of the user.
Being an Instagram user, you might have noticed on any post just below the username there is an option which shows the location, where the picture is clicked.
It is very easy to make an estimate of the location where the person is residing by checking few of his/her recent post and the location mentioned. Somehow, there is downside of this approach. When any user shares a post, Instagram give this option to the user only whether they want to put the location or not. Even the location mentioned can also be adjusted as per the user preference, while sitting in Ohio a person can claim that his/her last post was from California.
Moreover, there is no certainty and not even any uniformity in the locations which can be used over the post. There can be multiple places with the same name possible over there.

How to track an instagram account location


So, if the user is not showing the current location or even if you feel that the location mentioned can be dicey. You can take a help from a third party mobile application to track their IP address. In simple words you can track the location of user’s mobile phone using it.
To track the username on Instagram, you need to First open the Instagram IP Address Finder and mention the username you are looking for to their IP address. Then, just simply click on the track button to get the real-time location.
In this techy world, there will be % chances that the person is carrying his/her phone along with him/her.
Moreover, it will not be so easy, to make it work perfectly you need to start a conversation with them and just make them a click a link which will redirect you to their location.
It can look like a more complicated stuff, but somehow this is the only way to find the location easily and more accurately.

I hope readers that you are cleared with the question “how to track an Instagram account location”. So this is one of the tried and tested method at personal level too. You can just easily go and try it out. Also, if in case you are having any questions / queries just connect us via comment section. Additionally, if you have any suggestion or advice to help us grow more we always welcome your valuable suggestion, kindly connect us through comment section or contact us here.


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