Hey readers, sent a request mistakenly and looking to repudiate your fault. No worries we are here today with “how to cancel LinkedIn request?

Once you joined LinkedIn, everyone’s make focus remains on building their network. One of the best suitable and easier way to build your network is connecting with your known surroundings whom you know personally and professionally. However, LinkedIn had made this task much easier for you, as you can simply sync your contact list.

It helps you to identify those people who you might now and have their contact number are on the LinkedIn or not. This features makes way easier for you to send a request or invitation to connect with you and be a part of your network.

However, be careful when uploading your address book to LinkedIn. One downside to using this feature on LinkedIn, especially if you’re using the LinkedIn app on your tablet or phone, is that LinkedIn encourages you to invite any contacts you’ve just uploaded to connect with you on LinkedIn, and this is done with prominent buttons.

But if you’re like most lawyers, your address book contains email addresses of adversaries, competitors, family members, and others whom you don’t necessarily want to be in touch with on LinkedIn. In addition, by sending this “bulk invitation” you missed the opportunity to add a personal message to your invitation. Too many people find out too late that they have clicked the wrong button and invitations have been sent to everyone in their address book.

Gratefully, you can avoid this mistake, if you can proactively look on the options available prior sending the invitation to all. Now here the question arises what if you had already sent the request? And How to cancel LinkedIn request? The answer is LinkedIn enables you to revoke your request which are still in pending state.

Follow the below steps on how to cancel LinkedIn request:

How to cancel LinkedIn request
  • Go to your LinkedIn inbox and click “Sent” to view the invitations you’ve sent
  • Find invitations that have not yet been accepted and click the subject line of the message
  • Click “Remove”

If you don’t see the Withdraw button when you click the subject line of the message, you won’t be able to withdraw the invitation, but withdrawing it will not notify the recipient.

 If it’s too late to revoke and the person has already accepted your invitation to connect, don’t get tensed on how to cancel LinkedIn request; you can always disconnect that person. Again, you will not be notified that you are disconnected, but you can see that on your profile you can see that you are no longer connected at the top level.

 To disconnect someone on LinkedIn, simply find their name in your LinkedIn contact list (under the Network menu). If you hover over his name, you’ll see a number of options: Label (to add a label to your contact information), Message (to send him a message on LinkedIn), and More. Click the down arrow next to More, and then click Delete Connection.

Hey there I hope if you invested your time with us on how to cancel LinkedIn request it should be somehow fruitful for you. Though we all know the benefits of having a professional account on LinkedIn and getting stuck somewhere could be a possible chance, so if you want us to write on any particular topic do let us know via our comment section.

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