Hold on to your seat belts as the day has just taken a spooky turn! Lets start with our todays topic that is Halloween themed food for kids.

Scary, terrifying and fear inducing are the true sentiments associated with All Hallow’s Eve or the festival of Halloween, which is observed on October 31st all around the globe.
Halloween is the annual celebration of all things eerie and frightening but amidst all the hair raising uncertainties of the day, one thing that is absolutely assured is a horrifyingly delicious feast with lots of candies.

Halloween themed food for kids

And What is more fun than Halloween themed food for kids?

It is the time of the year when people are whipped to let out their freak flag fly high.From kids going for trick or treat door to door, to young adults enjoying their cosplay parties filled with lots and lots of spine-tingling Halloween themed foods for kids, which are satisfyingly devoured by them, the festival of ghosts has something for all ages.

History of Halloween

What started as a day to honour and remember those kind souls who have passed away, the celebration of Hallow’s eve has evolved to fit in the modern day world, by incorporating fun and other delights enjoyed by kids and teenagers likewise.
It is nowadays the occasion to dress up as pop culture references and stuff the stomach completely with the pleasure of candies.

The festival is traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and was celebrated as a harvest festival, welcoming the yuletide season.It was believed that on the night of Halloween, the boundaries between the living and the dead are blurred and thus, to commemorate it, the priest used to built large sacred fires around which people gathered and burned their crops and and animals as a sacrifice to their deities.


Through the course of years, the rituals surrounding Halloween have transformed with the changing times. The only ghosts and ghouls are little children spooking around their neighborhood trick or treating and enjoying themselves with the Halloween themed food for kids, which is creative, fun and flavorsome.
The houses too are elaborately ornamented in a creepy and hair raising décor, in order to scare the passersby. The youngsters amuse themselves through parties and snacking on Halloween themed food for kids.
The season of spooks is incomplete without some bonding time with friends and family, which is usually done by carving pumpkins into Jack-O-lanterns, playing tricks on each other and visiting the rumored haunted sights in search of some fun.

From eerie decor to creepy props, Halloween is truly the festival to get spooky.

Horrifyingly Delicious yet Healthy feast

This spook-tactular time and ghoulish atmosphere is incomplete without some visually attractive Halloween delicacies.
But with seemingly endless amounts of sugar and chocolate finding its way from trick or treat bags into tummies of kids, Halloween can present some serious dietary problems.
So, sneaking veggies and the required nutrition into these Halloween themed food for kids is a must, in order to help curb the sugar overload.But to ensure this, these Halloween themed food for kids needs to be as appealing, scary and fun as compared to candies.Along with being yummy, these recipes should also be easy to make.

Coming up with Halloween treats, which are comparatively healthier is no easy task, but adding an itty-bitty amount of nutrition can make the day a bit flourishing.

Some ideas for Halloween themed food for kids which are finger licking with a hint of nutrition:

⦁ Mummy Hot Dogs

Wrap wheat dough strips on sausage to prepare mummy-shaped hot dogs.

⦁ Use sliced olives to recreate eyes on pizza.

⦁ Witch Fingers

Replicate witch fingers with cheese sticks or carrots and serve with ketchup.

⦁ Bleeding Cake
Cake for desert that ‘bleeds’ through, when cut as it is filled with raspberry or strawberry puree.

⦁ ‘Bone’ Breadsticks
Stretch strips of pizza dough, brush them with egg whites, sprinkle a generous amount of cheese and bake or air fry until golden brown. Serve with ketchup to give the blood effect.

⦁ Daddy long l’eggs

Take boiled eggs and spook them up with olive spiders.Place a halved olive in the centre of an egg for the body and arrange eight half olive slices around it for legs.

⦁ Individual spooky White Pizzas
Classic white sauce pizza takes a ghostly turn as the pizza dough is shaped as little ghosts, which are dipped in the bloody ketchup.

Try these recipes out next time you want to sneak up veggies to your kids. Also, tell us in the comments section below, how you treat your little ones with Halloween themed food for kids, making it spooky but at the same time completely filling and nutritious. Further this for any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice you can connect us anytime via comment section or mail, we always welcome our readers to connect with us.


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