Looking for Good LinkedIn headlines for students!! Hey readers, as we know that there are many students who follows our content. So, it’s our duty to think for them as well. This blog would be especially for the students who wants to get viewed on the top, when searched on google; who are serious for the career ahead.
LinkedIn profile is nothing, just a kind of portrait which you want to showcase to your employers, future colleagues, university and even those old people whom you have dealt earlier, no one knows might they hire you someday.

good linkedin headlines for students

LinkedIn offers you a platform to find and to be found. It has more than 1.5 million different jobs and internships for students, and even many companies use LinkedIn as a recruitment source for fresher.
I hope that you understand the value of having a profile on LinkedIn and how to rank it better, leave that on us.

Just follow only 5 tips and discover yourself on most recognized platform in the working world.

1) Put a decent profile picture

So far there are too many members on the platform without any profile picture. Definitely it’s a loss, by putting a profile photo your profile with get 14 times more views.

Sometimes having a profile picture on your account builds a trust of your genuineness, psychologically proven. And though had seen multiple employers who are hiring even for a good level and reject the profile without even checking your experience or qualifications. It’s a complete potential loss, getting rejected before giving interview or sometimes even without getting connected.

Now, I am sure you are putting a profile picture. Let me also suggest how that picture should be. So you should have to be dressed up properly with office formals and the picture should be of you alone. Passport type picture could be a best example which can be considered.

2)Headline should be punchy and informative

While mentioning punchy and informative, your headline should consist of your ambitions directly related with your career perspective. A great employer will always want to hire ambitious people, as their ambitions will lift them, the new hire and company altogether.
For example, if you are engineer student you can use, “an engineer building a market changing consumer product” or “an honor’s student looking for marketing position”.
If you need to stand out of the que you should need to do something different. Don’t be a sheep using words such as “responsible”, strategic,” or “creative.”

3) A concise summary

Some people have a myth that using big paragraphs and a lot of content will help them to get easily searched. However, in reality, even if you are able to get searched. Your profile would be a totally messed up resume only.
Just cut down all the crap and try to be more informative with less usage of words. It will make your profile more readable and much attractive.

4) Be clever while sharing your experience

Clever? Why clever? When you are creating your LinkedIn profile, as I earlier mentioned you are directly portraying yourself in the career world. So you should be clever enough to know what to put and what to not so that you would be able to shape your experience and your career path ahead.
Also, there was a survey done, where 20% recruiters mentioned that they had hired people on the basis of their voluntary work experience.

So, it becomes very important for you to mention your voluntary experience especially as it can lead to get you hired on a higher level and at a place where you are paid for the voluntarily done work.

5) Keep your profile complete

Specially for students, don’t have experience, no worries. You can still get highlighted.
As I earlier stated about your volunteer work experience, you should list all the relevant documents could be a certificate or offer letter anything which you had earned from any unpaid or part-time work, could be an internship or on contractual basis. You can also mention the name of the companies you have been a part of.

Also, if you have received any recognition or an award, whether in your school or from any organization, you can add them all in “honors and awards” section. The main motive is to portray all the skills on which you had worked upon.
I personally suggest you to mention you GPA if it goes beyond 3.3 on a bar of 4.0 scale. Generally, people don’t put their scores achieved on any other platform, as it can pretend to be over. But since if you are less on experience and you felt proud on the scores you can mention them.

When you are putting your education, use a sequence starting from higher qualification to the lowest, including your summer programs as well would be an added point.
So readers as stated, if you follow these 5 points you would be able to create your own Good LinkedIn headlines for students. As well as your profile can rank at a good level even from the initial stage.

Some Good LinkedIn headlines for students

  • Software development student | Seeking full time software engineer job | Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++ | 2020 Graduation
  • 3D Animator | Environment Artist | Digital artist – seeking entry level opportunity
  • Seeking summer internship for UI/UX and full stack development roles | Grad student at University of XYZ
  • Selling and sales management major graduating in December 2019 and looking for full time sales and marketing position
  • Grad student @xyz | seeking full-time opportunities for fall 2021 in software /robotics
  • Aspirant full stack developer | seeking summer internship | 2020 graduation

This is all about how you can get a Good LinkedIn headlines for students. Further this for any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice you can connect us anytime via comment section or mail, we always welcome our readers to connect with us.


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