Hey reader, today we are here with another blog. We always urge to have a masculine body, but how to achieve that is a big question. Some of the answers would be like break the gym with a great workout and that’s it. But professionally the answer would be different. To achieve your desire body, you also need to intake Foods to make you gain muscle mass.

 Foods to make you gain muscle mass

Body building is centered around two factors proper workout with balanced and focused diet.

Now I had specially mentioned balanced and focused diet reason being, body building can be done in various ways. For people with some extra fat want to get flatten, whereas the lean people wants to gain more pounds, and then there are some people who wants to get lean masculine body or can be a bulky macular shape.

So each desire follows with different sets of nutrition required. So, you should first set your desired goal and find out your intake foods to make you gain muscle mass accordingly. Also, sometimes achieving this dream can ask you much more than you ever thought.
It will require your constant focus and an unmatchable control over your tongue specially if you are a foodie person. Just because the efforts you are putting by giving your body an extra pain can be converted into regressive if you are taking any bad food.

However, once you get habitual of being fit, there is no going back. Though for beginners or even for the people who already achieved advanced level can take the mentioned foods to make you gain muscle mass whether you want a bulky or a lean body. These foods can be termed as heterogeneous items. I had prepared a well-balanced diet for our readers, so by following the same you can directly add nutrition to your muscles rather than gaining unnecessary fat.

 Foods to make you gain muscle mass

This diet can help you to achieve any “body goal” by satisfying your stomach altogether.

MondayOatmeal and mushrooms with scrambled eggsCottage cheese with some blueberries on itBroccoli, Venison Burger and brown riceBanana Protein shakeQuinoa, salmon and asparagus
TuesdayProtein pancakes with peanut butter topped with some raspberries and a light syrupApple and some boiled eggsSpinach salad, sweet potato and sirloin steakWalnut Protein shakeMarinara sauce over pasta with some ground turkey
WednesdayRoasted potatoes and chicken sausage with eggsAlmond Greek yoghurtBrown rice, mushrooms and turkey breastGrapes protein shakeBrown rice, salad leaves dressed with vinaigrette and mackerel
ThursdaySalsa and cheese with whole-grain tortilla, ground turkey and eggsGranola YoghurtBaked potato, broccoli, sour cream and chicken breastMixed berries protein shakeChicken stir fry, eggs, basmati rice, broccoli, carrot and peas
FridayVanilla Greek yoghurt with overnight oats topped with some strawberries and BlueberriesMixed nuts with beef jerkySeasonal veggies, black and pinto beans and Tilapia fillets with lime juiceWatermelon protein shakeBasmati rice, ground beef with corn, green beans and green peas
SaturdaySalsa and cheese, eggs and ground turkey with corn & bell peppersCanned tuna added with some crackersPotato wedges, tilapia fillet and bell peppersPear protein shakePico de gallo and cheese, diced beef with rice, bell peppers and black beans
SundayToasted avocado with sunny side-up eggs Almond butter with protein ballsRoasted garlic potatoes with pork tenderloin slices and green beansStrawberries protein shakeParmesan cheese over pasta and turkey meatballs with marinara sauce

You can use the same set of diet plan and you can set the quantity of food upon how your body is reacting back. If you feel like you are not gaining much, you can increase the quantity of food and vice versa. However, following this diet could be a boring task, so you can change the lineup of food as per your preference and even you can replace the food item with any of its substitute offering the same set of nutrition.

I had covered almost all the foods to make you gain muscle mass. Further going through with this blog if you feel to ask anything, you can connect with us via comment section. Also, if you want to share any feedback or any suggestion kindly drop in the comment section. We always welcome and value your feedback and precious suggestions to make us better. You can also contact us here.


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