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Hey readers, today we are talking about best and famous badminton players of all time. Now, as we are constantly sharing you content on sports nowadays so it becomes necessary to discuss about badminton too. Badminton is always considered an underrated game however it is played almost everywhere and though the proof of its diverse players are these famous badminton players which are included today in our list. We are considering the best 5 players for you who are renowned for their different style of playing this sport and taking it to next level. 

Best 5 Famous Badminton Players

1. Lin Dan (China)

Image source: chinadaily.com.cn

When we are talking about Badminton and specifically discussing about famous badminton players, Lin Dan is one name which is considered as one of the most perfect players of all time. He is holding multiple world championships and two-times Olympic winner who have no weakness. When I say perfect about Lin Dan, he is perfect in everything whether it is about reflexes, speed, fitness, shots and mental strength.

Greatest achievement: Almost everything: Two times Olympic gold medal, Five times world championship, Six times All-England champion and anything else worth winning at least once.
Strength: sudden injection pace, Lethal smash, champion mentality
Weakness: Aren’t able to find any. Did you know any? Maybe the most perfect player.

  • Net play: 95%
  • Smash power: 100%
  • Deception: 95%
  • Stamina: 100%
  • Creativity: 100%
  • Movement: 100%

2. Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia)

Image source: yonexusa.com

The legendary backhand: Whenever somebody in our club plays an honest backhand, this is often mechanically followed by screaming “Taufik!!!”. Lin Dan is that the most productive, however the good, most gifted and most spectacular court game player ever is Taufik Hidayat!

Greatest achievement: Olympic-gold champion, world champion, two times Asian Games champion, a record six times Indonesia Open champion
Strength: Deception, technique, smooth movement, best back-hand ever
Weakness: lacks in motivation, stamina

  • Net play: 100%
  • Smash power: 95%
  • Deception: 100%
  • Stamina: 80%
  • Creativity: 100%
  • Movement: 95%

3. Chen Long (China)

Image source: china.org.cn

Chen Long is associate degree absolute beast. once he goes into “no unforced errors”-mode, there’s nearly nothing, opponents will do to get some extent. He makes the court smaller for the guy on the opposite facet of net. should be alarming to play him, that`s why he’s the quantity 3 of the most effective court game players of all times!

Greatest achievement: Olympic gold champion, two times world champion
Strength: Stamina, Court coverage, mental strength
Weakness: Hard worker, Nothing like god gifted

  • Net play: 90%
  • Smash power: 95%
  • Deception: 85%
  • Stamina: 100%
  • Creativity:80%
  • Movement: 100%

4. Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia)

Image source: yonexusa.com

This Malaysian player could be the number one among the whole world. Lee Chong Wei is perfectly superior in almost everything, but when it comes to compete with Lin Dan he fails almost every time. There is something which is missing or where Lee Chong Wei is lagging, which is almost impossible to figure out for anyone laymen. Might be his dependence on physical advantage is more and his game is nicer. Though the reason he is able to withstand on 5th ranking despite of his great achievements.

Greatest achievements: Three times Olympic silver medal!!! King of Super Series tournaments
Strength: technique, Lightning fast
Weakness: Focus on defensive much, becomes too passive sometimes

  • Net play: 95%
  • Smash power: 90%
  • Deception: 90%
  • Stamina: 100%
  • Creativity: 95%
  • Movement: 100%

5. Peter Gade (Denmark)

Europe’s front man Peter Gade retired in the meantime, a great loss for the badminton. Though he achieved a lot that he is been able to grab a place to earn a ranking in our top 5 most famous badminton players list after retirement too. He used strong techniques which seems very easy for a spectator, well known for his sportsman spirit and fair play could be a role play for millions.

Greatest achievement: Five times European champion, four times bronze medal world champion
Strength: deception, Technique, elegant
Weakness: Lacks in power

  • Net play: 95%
  • Smash power: 80%
  • Deception: 100%
  • Stamina: 85%
  • Creativity: 95%
  • Movement: 90%

So what’s your review on this famous badminton players list, want to discuss for any player which you want to add in it just connect us via comment section. However, leaving the no. 1 Lin Dan don’t think so there could be any scope to replace him at this point of time.

I hope you liked our content, stay tuned with us for more and more quality content. Being a reader please share your review/ suggestion/ feedback/ or anything you want to convey to us via comment section or mail. We always encourage our readers to connect with us.

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