Hey readers, we are back again today with another blog, this time we came with the best Elin Hilderbrand books. Your summer could be incomplete if you missed best Elin Hilderbrand books to take along you to the beach, however if you have trouble choosing which of these delicious readings to devour first, we are here to help. Best Elin Hilderbrand books offer a definitive ranking of the best books to read, which is why we think they are worth reading!

Best Elin Hilderbrand Books

15. Summerland

Summerland is a novel that will stay with you long after you turn the pages. The magic of summer is overshadowed by the aftermath of a tragic accident on the final night that delivers a moving and powerful story. As the summer progresses, secrets will be revealed that will have a profound effect on survivors and their parents.

14. The Beach Club

The Beach Club was Elin Hilderbrand’s first novel and is one of the best Elin Hilderbrand books which is a little different from the books we associate with the author. Nantucket Beach Club is at the center of a dramatic summer in which the hotel manager and his staff grapple with the intersection between their private life and professional issues. Add a hurricane and you have a perfect story for the beach!

13. Barefoot

Barefoot was published in 2007 and was Hilderbrand’s first re-branded book and set the tone for the books we know and love. Marriage, motherhood, illness, and infidelity mark this story of three women who visit Nantucket in the summer in search of calm and clarity as they grapple with the complications in their lives. What follows is a beautiful, bittersweet novel.

12. A Summer Affair

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The first of Hilderbrand’s Nantucket books with recurring characters, A Summer Affair tells the story of Claire Danner Crispin, a celebrated glassblower and mother of four young children, who agreed to attend the Nantucket Children’s Summer Gala School with to direct. The event means balancing lots of duties and dealing with different personalities, and it doesn’t take long for Claire to feel the pressure, and this interesting concept forced us to put it on our list of best Elin Hilderbrand books.

11. The Love Season

We love The Season of Love because it has a unique catch that we don’t often see in novels: the whole story takes place in a single day. Celebrity chef Marguerite Beale and her goddaughter Renata Knox have changed forever. Though the story of these two women spans decades, everything comes together in a single day on Nantucket Island and nothing goes according to plan.

10.The Island

A remote island is the perfect place to write a delightful story about the aftermath of a canceled wedding. On The Island, Hilderbrand takes us to the rustic Tuckernuck Island off the coast of Nantucket, where generations of the Birdie Cousins ​​family, without distraction or contact with the outside world, Birdie, her sister India and their daughters Chess and Tate They accept their lives, their relationships and what they want for the future.

9.The Blue Bistro

One of Hilderbrand’s earlier novels, The Blue Bistro is the perfect romance novel to read on the beach in the summer. He leaves his life in Aspen, but things get complicated when he falls in love with the owner of the restaurant, Thatcher Smith.

8.The Castaways

Another astonishing and of the best Elin Hilderbrand books by Nantucket, The Castaways, is a gripping story of love and loss, friendship and loyalty. The whole island mourns when Nantucket’s celebrity couple Greg and Tess MacAvoy are killed in a boat accident. He heats up, his friends shocked by new revelations about the couple.

7. The Rumor

The rumor is more optimistic than some of Hilderbrand’s other books and focuses on the power of gossip to change lives and damage relationships. Nantucket-based writer Madeline King has tons of bills, a deadline … and writer’s block. Desperate, she gives in to temptation and uses her best friend’s secret adventure as fodder for her new novel. This is a delicious and sarcastic summer treat!

6.The Matchmaker

With 42 pairs under your belt, it’s safe to say that Nantucketer Dabney Kimball Beech has a natural gift: matchmaking! I mean, except when it comes to herself … Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Dabney left the concept of love behind years ago, but when her former love shows up on the island 27 years after she left, Dabney finally becomes her own put? Happiness first? As you struggle to make the right decision, family secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again.

5. The Identicals

We love sister novels and Hilderbrand delivers a brilliant twin story with The Identicals! Harper and Tabitha Frost have been separated for over a decade, but now the two women are swapping places to save their family. Will Harper and Tabitha put their sibling rivalry aside and renew their sibling bonds? Old wounds, new loves and more than one case of mix-ups make a summer on the island unforgettable!

4. Winter Street

Yes, we love best Elin Hilderbrand books, but we can’t resist the winter wonderland she creates on Winter Street! Released in 2014, this is her first Christmas novel and her first. Winter books, but great to read in any season. Kelley Quinn is hoping to have her four children home over the holidays … until chaos breaks out. You will fall in love with Quinn’s quirky and complicated family!

3. Here’s to us

Here’s to us is Hilderbrand’s captivating story about three very different women and the only man who brings them together. After Deacon Thorpe’s tragic death, the three women who loved and knew him best meet on Nantucket to say goodbye. Laurel Thorpe, Belinda Rowe and Scarlett Oliver are as different as any woman could be, but their weekend together, in the house they are in. We all made memories, it shows that they have more in common than they ever imagined.

2. Winter in Paradise

Winter in Paradise is the first poignant and poignant book in Hilderbrand’s new Paradise series. The story revolves around Irene Steele, whose life is changed by a phone call informing her of her husband’s death., Irene travels to the Caribbean island of San Juan to clear up the details of her husband’s death and to come to terms with her future

1. The perfect couple

Nantucket Island is wedding season but things are not going according to plan. What should have been a beautiful and elegant wedding becomes tragic in The Perfect Couple when a corpse is discovered in the harbor and everyone at the wedding party becomes suspicious. With appearances from some popular characters from The Castaways, A Summer Affair and Beautiful Day, this is Elin Hilderbrand at her best!

These are the listing of some of the best Elin Hilderbrand books, that we ever came across till now. List can be moderated once Elin brought some fresh and a substitute for our list best Elin Hilderbrand books. Felt to say something or find any changes, just comment us for any feedback/ suggestion/ queries/ anything via our comment section or mail. We always want to get connected with our readers.

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