Hello readers I am back with one more trending topic that is BEST DATING APPS 2021. I know everyone who is reading this article wants to get mingle but did not know about the apps or not have knowledge about the dating apps. So lets do not waste the time and start with our today’s topic that is BEST DATING APPS 2021.

Best dating apps 2021

So firstly I want to tell you that I have not used all apps but I am writing this article as per my research.

Now lets start with our topic ‘Best dating apps 2021’

  • OK Cupid

OK cupid is the US based company with over millions of registered users and company claims that today it is the only dating app with thousands of questions so that you can match as per yours interests. More than 50 thousands dates were made every week. Now company claims that they also added questions related to Covid-19 like whether you are vaccinated or not. As per my research there user interface is also too good and smooth that everyone can use it.

  • Tinder

Tinder is also a US based company and world famous in dating apps category. It is the first app that comes in everyone’s mind whenever they think about the dating apps.  Tinder claims that it started a paid service by which users can run background checks on potential matches after an investment in Garbo, a company that “collects reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes”. The most convenient feature of this app is SWIPE. You just need to SWIPE right for match or SWIPE left to continue the search.

  • Bumble

Bumble is also a US based company. The concept of Bumble is very unique that make it Best dating app 2021. So basically a woman needs to message first in bumble if she didn’t message within 24 hours of match than she will loose her match with that person. Bumble also has a BFF feature which makes it more unique than other dating apps.

  • Hinge

Hinge is also US based company. The concept of this app attracts me because they focused on the common connections which you and your partner shared on Facebook. You can display a lot of information of this app than tinder which is also a good point. If you want a serious relationship you can go for this app.

So I have shared all the Best dating apps 2021 I now there are a lot of other other apps too in market but as per my research I found these apps more reliable whether in the terms of concept, user interface or user friendly. I hope you find your partner on any of these apps or any other apps available in the market.

If you found any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice connect us anytime via comment section or mail. We always welcome your response.


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