Hey readers, hope you are doing well. We are here today with some interesting and best books on stoicism for you. Here we have a list of 5 best books on stoicism, all these books are available for free and the best part is all the books are written by ancient authors.

1.    Meditations by Roman Emperor

Best Books On Stoicism
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This book by Roman Emperor comes on first rank under our 5 best books on stoicism.

It is simply the simplest book for the beginner from a Stoic thinker of the traditional world. Remarkably, it’s additionally a book for the advanced.

It is a book that comes through as philosophical poetry. The one who wrote it absolutely was an active Stoic for pretty much forty years once he wrote it.

Incidentally, the author, Roman Emperor, wrote it for AN audience of specifically one — solely himself. He wrote it as a private philosophical diary and tried to follow what he wrote until his death in a hundred and eighty cerium.

The first publication of the book came in 1559 with the title to Himself. We have a tendency to currently are aware of it as Meditations.

Marcus was Roman. Actually, he was the foremost powerful Roman within the entire world throughout his twenty years of rule as emperor of Rome. however, he wrote the book in Greek as a result of that was the language of his philosophical thoughts. And, he wasn’t writing it for publication.

Several good translations of Meditations exist these days.

A Roman Emperor Quote:

Do not imagine that, if one thing is tough for you to realize, it’s so not {possible} for any man: however rather contemplate something that’s humanly possible and acceptable to lie among your own reach too.

— Roman Emperor, Meditations half-dozen.19

2. The reference work by philosopher

This book by a philosopher comes on second rank under our 5 best books on stoicism.

The reference work or The reference may be a short manual of moral recommendation by the 2nd-century Stoic thinker philosopher. Arian, a follower of philosopher, compiled this short book from his lectures.

The book doesn’t point out the philosophy of Stoicism. The reference work focuses on Epictetus’s recommendation on a way to apply the Stoic philosophy in lifestyle.

Epictetus (50 cerium to a hundred thirty CE) was born or oversubscribed into slavery. He had a permanent incapacity of his leg, in all probability a result of his owner Epaphroditus twisting his leg for penalization.

However, Epaphroditus additionally allowed him to attend the lectures of Musonius Rufus, a Roman legislator and Stoic teacher. Later, when freed, philosopher started teaching Stoicism.

The reference work is jam-packed with sensible knowledge and forceful recommendation for those that request happiness or successfulness in life. Philosopher aforementioned we are able to perpetually be happy if we have a tendency to learn to expect and settle for things even as they prove. He insisted folk’s area unit unengaged to management their lives and sleep in harmony with Nature.

An Epictetus’ Quote:

Ask not that events ought to happen as you may, however let you are going to be that events ought to happen as they are doing, and you shall have peace.

— philosopher, reference work, 8

3. Letters from A Stoic by Seneca

This book by the Seneca comes on third rank under our 5 best books on stoicism.

Born in four BCE, Seneca lived through the reigns of the primary 5 emperors of Rome. Strangely, a minimum of 3 of those emperors had wished him dead. First, it absolutely was Roman Emperor, in 37 CE. Then, it absolutely was Roman Emperor, in 41 CE. Finally, it absolutely was Roman Emperor, in 65 CE. Seneca’s death by suicide came on the orders of Roman Emperor.

Letters or Epistles area unit a compilation of 124 essays disguised as letters to Lucilius. Seneca wrote these within the last 2 years of his life whereas he was exiled on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. He was below nice stress then, and these letters were his approach of relieving his burden.

Lucilius, a fan of Seneca, was then a procurator of Sicily UN agency followed the Epicurean college. Seneca’s Letters try and win him over to Stoicism. The Letters develop into a comprehensive reference of recommendation and insights on Stoic philosophy. It absolutely was Thomas domicile 1614 UN agency initial translated these letters from Latin to English.

A Seneca Quote:

If you actually need to flee the items that harass you, what you’re needing isn’t to be in a very completely different place however to be a unique person.

― Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

4. Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero by Cicero

This book by the Cicero comes on fourth rank under our 5 best books on stoicism.

Marcus Tullius Cicero was Rome’s greatest public speaker of his time and gave over 100 impeccable speeches. He was a polemic legislator, however an excellent attorney and an unequaled thinker.

Unfortunately, his life ran parallel to the decline and end of the Roman Republic. Cicero was a witness to the murder of full general by a gaggle of senators on the day of March in forty-four BCE. A year later, Anthony, future ruler of Rome, ordered his killing.

Cicero’s philosophy sided with the virtue-driven Stoics over the pleasure-loving Epicureans.

Cicero’s written works be 3 categories: his philosophical works, speeches, and concerning 900 letters. He was a prolific author and an incomparable translator of Greek works to Latin.

We get an inspiration of Cicero’s connectedness these days as we discover our he gave U.S.A. a number of the foremost common words in fashionable English: quality, notion, individual, infinity, moral, and comprehension.

A Cicero Quote:

The lifetime of the dead is placed on the reminiscences of the living. The love you gave in life keeps folks alive on the far side their time. Anyone UN agency was given love can perpetually live to tell the tale in another’s heart.

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

5. Lectures and Fragments by Musonius Rufus

This book by the Musonius Rufus comes on fifth rank under our 5 best books on stoicism.

Gaius Musonius Rufus was one among the best Stoic philosophers of ancient Rome. He was an extremely revered teacher. He was known as The Roman philosopher.

Musonius in all probability wrote nothing himself, or no matter he wrote failed to survive. However, his philosophical teachings survive as thirty-two apothegms and twenty-one discourses, preserved by his students.

Musonius insisted to apply is additional vital than the idea. The approach he educated concerned not several, however a couple of precise and sensible arguments that may sway the beholder towards taking action.

Rufus command philosophy was nothing if not an apple of virtuous behavior. In his lectures, he discharged a lifetime of pleasure in favor of a lifetime of virtue. To him, virtue was the sole sensible because it alone keeps someone from creating mistakes in life.

He condemned all luxuries and asked for living on a strict feeder diet and minimally priced wear. A house was to safeguard against the weather and zip additional, he taught. He believed the human soul becomes resilient by enduring hardships and maintaining self-control through temptations.

Musonius had several illustrious pupils. However, his greatest student was philosopher, UN agency mentions him many times within the Discourses.

A Musonius Rufus Quote:

You will earn the respect of all if you start by earning the respect of yourself. Don’t expect to encourage sensible deeds in folks tuned in to your own misdeeds.

I hope you liked our listing of best books on stoicism. We ranked these best books on stoicism as per the reader’s preferences and as per our research. For some it can vary, so if you want to suggest any other book or you are not satisfied with the ranking.

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