Best books about indian stock market

Best Books About Indian Stock Market!! Hey readers, we are again back today with stock market related topic, one of the most interesting one. Once you are so much interested in it, there is no going back. Now definitely you will be going to browse about the in depth knowledge of it. And when it comes to knowledge we all know nothing is better than reading book. Though we are here today with most relevant best books about Indian stock market. Writing a simple blog will not be sufficient for you to go and get a virtual tour of stock market, so these 5 best books about Indian stock market would definitely be able to do so for you.

Best books about Indian Stock Market are as below:

1. Parag Parikh – Value Investing and behavioral finance

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This twelve-chapter book is well structured and contains all details associated with the Indian market. the key focus of the book is price investment and manifests that over the long run, price stocks have given best returns to its investors.

The book concentrates on the much-needed topics that most net blogs and websites miss out on.

For someone trying to take a position within the Indian securities market, this is often a requirement.

2. Prasenjit Paul – How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market

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The author adult male. Prasenjit Paul offers a additional personal withstand investment within the Indian securities market and techniques that have helped him get consistent returns from the market. The highlight of the book may be a a pair of min strategy to shortlist/reject stocks before any elaborated analysis, explained in terribly straightforward terms.

3. Rahul Sarogi – Investing in India

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The book focuses on the worth investment opportunities within the country these days explained by adult male. Rahul Sarogi, a worth capitalist and decision maker of Atyant Capital. The book highlights the investment opportunities in India these days particularly the untapped potential and the way you’ll check out it.

Mr. Sarogi explains the 5 criteria to strain the worth stocks- capital allocation, business fundamentals, money strength, and relative chance.

The book additionally explains the govt., politics and different influences to promote thoroughly to require you thru the total system of investment within the securities market.

4. Santosh Nair – Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts

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The book focuses on the exciting journey through Dalal Street giving a quick history of the Indian securities market post easement.

This book helps to grasp the money health of the country in addition as covers all the events- from school booms and evasion to banks and cash laundering; scams and crashes to fixers and investors, that semiconductor diode up to the way more sterile stock-market operations of this day.

5. Parag Parikh – Stocks to Riches

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The entire truth of the securities market in India is explained by adult male. Parikh excellently within the book.

The book itself is written in a {very} very straightforward and intelligible language. The book highlights the mistakes you’ll create as Associate in Nursing amateur capitalist. Remember, learning from your own mistakes isn’t free within the securities market as plenty of cash is at the stake. These are the 5 Best books about Indian Stock Market, I hope that you will also like these books once reading them.  Further this for any questions/ queries/ suggestions/ advice you can connect us anytime via comment section or mail, we always welcome our readers to connect with us.


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