This article will help you to know all about LinkedIn’s Skill Assessments, badges on LinkedIn, and how to use them. Badges on LinkedIn feature was launched by LinkedIn in 2017 and is a new way to validate your skills and stand out from the crowd.

These tests are designed by LinkedIn learning and subject matter experts.

Here’s how it works:
⦁ You need to complete an online assessment in under 15 minutes for a skill area that you want to demonstrate proficiency in, be it MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, or even English.
⦁ If you score among the top 30% of the users who have taken the test, you will be issued a badge that will be displayed on your profile.

⦁ When you clear the assessment for an in-demand skill, LinkedIn sends you relevant job recommendations as soon as they are posted.

⦁ This helps the employers to easily identify the skills that they are looking for in the potential candidate

⦁ Even if you don’t pass the assessment, no one will know and you can retake the test after a certain period.

⦁ You can brush up your skills until then by targeted learning courses offered by LinkedIn so that you can pass the test next time

badges on linkedin

LinkedIn research confirms that 68% of the users want to verify their competency in a skill before applying for a job and 76% wish there was a way to verify their skills so they could stand out among other candidates.
Such badges on linkedin also save the time and money of the recruiters that they would have to spend otherwise on finding the required skills.
LinkedIn also benefits a lot from this feature as it creates a deeper engagement with their platform and increases the value in the eyes of the user for using this platform to hunt for jobs.
This is a new way to show off your skills and unlock more opportunities.

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